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Cutting out the mess

Trying to get organized... That's kind of the holy grail for me, really, being organized. It's not simple as an animation student, the thing is I can't really plan ahead since I can't calculate accurately the time it will take me to come up with an idea, design a character, overcome technical obstacles... It's chaotic, really. What this course did to me was nothing short of unbelievable and it ended with me cutting off my hair. I know, right?

At first I was skeptical. After realizing WHY I'm so unfocused, being able to put my finger on all the open loops I'm constantly trying to remember, organize and fit in to my life, was mind blowing. By having a system I can trust, I could possibly be able to focus on a single task at a time, even prioritize and be ahead of the game. But from the theory to reality there is a huge distance, so, again, skeptical. When I cleared my Gmail Inbox I knew I was on to something here.

(I have invites, by the way..)

So I was able to clear messages from, like, two years ago. Am I the only one with messages from two years ago? Anyway, I was on a roll. I've been keeping garbage bags of old clothes that don't fit me anymore so that "one day" I could get a booth at a second-hand sale thing and, well, sell them. Money, I need it, mostly for new clothes. Guess what? SOLD! Well, most of it wasn't sold and I actually missed school for a day and made the saddest amount of money ever. But what I didn't sell I donated, and after clearing the bags from my terrace I was able to clean it, move my big chair there and make a little sitting area like I've been fantasizing about since I first moved to this room. WORTH IT!

I was on fire.

Since starting this course I've been able to clear out old clothes, clean my Inbox from old messages, deal with some financial issues, get a schollarship, remember to get my BFF a birthday present (on time for her actual birthday!), get rid of old paperwork and clutter, so there was only one thing to do next that made sense, and that's cutting my hair.



Everything must go!!!!

No, I'm not crazy. The truth is - I've been dying to get back in shape for a really long time now, and it might not seem like a big deal to most people but I really feel like my hair was in the way, both literally and figuratively. I'm not gonna explain the logic behind it, if such thing exists, and also, obviously, I like short hair. It was time, and I did it the same week I decided to do it. How? Organization, baby. Oh yeah.

I would be seriously lying if I said I'm done, but I'm getting there. And "there" is really, really far. It's hard to trust a system you're using for a couple of weeks, it's hard committing to it and transforming yourself into something else. It's a process. I am trying.

Always try.


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