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Cute girly stuff

Hi all! I'm very excited with this class! I like the idea of drawing collections so much!

I started with drawing just what I see on my table: first of all it was a curlers-strawberries from aliexpress. My hair now is short, but I tried to use them few days ago.. Nothing happened, they just fall on the floor) but they are on my table now because they are so cute!


Here my funny photo from times when my hair was long:


Then I draw my cat-cosmetic-case. It's a gift from my sister. It have a nice (flowered) inside too.


Here the real photo (it's small, just for lipstick and some small stuff):


Then I look around and find some more cute things that may come together with this two, and found strange sunglasses, they are shiny and like mirror, green and blue, and they are round. I like them very much, but not sure that I has gone outside wearing them. Anyway I wear them at home often :))

I have no good photo of them, and I don't want even try to do it. Just imagine :)


Next thing is my flowered headband. I bought it on sale and wear very often. Some people in my town asking me about it and making me compliments :) I like the color, because on my dark hair it looks neutral, but at first I was not so happy that it's not so contrast.


Here the real photo:


Next was watermelon bag. I adore it. It transparent! I wear it just for one time this summer, actually I always forget that I have it.


Here the photo of me at those special day :)


And the last thing it's a robot-necklace. Nothing super special, but I'm a huge fan of robots. He have moving arms and legs, and shiny stones in his eyes.


Here all items in one image:


I think it was a warm-up :) I have a collection of backpacks, a lot of necklaces, and a lot of dresses and other clothes and shoes. I must draw all this!!! :) And I think that it's a super idea to draw things that we throw away, I'll do it too!

Thanks for watching my project. And sorry for my mistakes in english.

Update 16.10.2015

I drew another collection, now it's my backpacks. I have two more of them, haha, but I decided to stop with this my favorites 5 :)

Drawing collections is super fun!



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