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Cute Simple House

Hi everyone! This is the fisrt project I post in Skillshare. I'm very happy about everything I'm learning!

So, for this class, since I'm absolute beginner in After Effects AND I was trying to make this a one-day (maybe two) project, I chose a simple design.


This is the house in Illustrator - it doesn't actually mean something to me, it's just a cute simple house to help me learn the effects.

I already placed the file in AE and broke the objects into layers. This is my main composition so far!


Keeping everything organized!

Now I'm starting the animation. Thanks for watching! (And sorry for english mistakes, not my native language... I'm working on that too!)


I had to change some details on the design to simplify it for animation. I also used some rotation and other techniques I learned from other courses.

So, here is my animated house!! I know there is a lot to improve, but I have to say that I'm very proud of the result I got, and now I feel much more comfortable with AfterEffects.


Plase let me know what you think!



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