Cute Hedgehog

Cute Hedgehog - student project

Hey! For this class, I decided to draw a cute hedgehog.


At first I made a few sketches from your exercise - to try different angles, styles and details.
And as final I decided to choose a sketch of hedgehog lying on his back, only slightly changing some details.

Cute Hedgehog - image 1 - student project


I think that the hedgehog turned out recognizable :)

I'm still very bad in colors and texture, so I am not really satisfied with the result, but I think this is the best thing I can do now.

Cute Hedgehog - image 2 - student project


I also had a problem with a Kyle Webster Gouache A Go Go brush - for some reason when I use it, it have some kind of “cage” filling (as you can see on picture below and on the bottom of hedgehog body).
I never have such a problem with other brushes before.

Maybe you know what's the problem with it? Maybe something wrong in the brush settings? Or is it due to mixing with other colors / brushes?
I will be very glad if you can help deal with this problem!

Cute Hedgehog - image 3 - student project


But in any case, thank you very much, Stephanie, for the class!
You gave me very useful tips and it was interesting to draw animals! :)