Cute Fox Embroidery

Hi Alice, how are you?

I made this project when i was at home, thinking how to be happy again doing something I like to do.
When one day, my sister showed me your videos. She said, "I will learn about hand embroidery with my friend Alice, would you like to learn with me?".We saw some videos, and i thought "Wow, a new hobby to learn, it looks fun and relaxing"

So, I finally started my little project. I wanted to do a animal, my favorite one. A little and kind fox.
I always liked foxes, I think they are mysterious, beautiful and kind. If i have another life and i would be able to choose, i should be a white fox. Hunting some rodents in the snow, hehe.


I finally started my embroidery with the fox, i only used the Running Stitch in this embroidery. And I just add some plants and a bat flyig near the little fox. It was a simple hand embroidery, next time i will do something more challening and creative.


I really liked to do my first hand embroidery, and i want to do more in the future.
This will be my new hobby to relax. And i just want to say "thank you" to you, Alice.
You are a great teacher and i hope i will evolve my skills in this new art.

Thanks a lot. o/


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