Cute Critters & Texture Overlays

Cute Critters & Texture Overlays - student project


I'm currently in the process of wrapping up a year of Skillshare projects and wanted to get this fella up in case it is useful for anyone taking this class! 

I loooved this one from Steph. The process of working with references and learning how to stylize (while still keeping a recognizable subject) is basically ALL you need to know about developing your own style. It was so helpful! I still have a lot of different styles that I bounce between, but this class really helped me hone some of the drawing skills, and especially the fact that we must really try MANY different things first to see what works best. Creating a page (or three, or four) of possible shapes and poses was a great reminder of this.

Here is what I ended up creating -- I see a lot of bunnies and other cuties out there, but I wanted to spotlight a jack rabbit for a little extra "rabbit-oomph". Those ears!

Cute Critters & Texture Overlays - image 1 - student project

As you can see, I'm a big fan of texture, and learned a lot of these techniques from this class, as well as a few others that Steph has shared on Skillshare. This was also one of the first pieces where I did texture on the subject itself, and then did a total overlay of texture using my some homemade Procreate brushes on top of the entire piece! (If you're looking for a class on how to make your own brushes, there are some great ones on here as well!) I adore how the whole piece has a rustic feel, like it could be painted on woodgrain. 

I wanted to play around with these textures a little more without relying on tons of color, so I also tried out these techniques with some wintry animal portraits. Here are a couple!

Cute Critters & Texture Overlays - image 2 - student project

Cute Critters & Texture Overlays - image 3 - student project


I did the same order of work in these last pieces as well (starting with base layers, working up to final overlays of stamped texture), and think they turned out well! 

Thank you again, Steph, for such a great class! 

Jess Keating
Author - Illustrator - Zoologist