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Megan Scarmazzi

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Cut x Paste Zine Camp

This summer I thought it would be a good idea to teach a week-long zine camp to children, having never made a zine before in my life. Well... I couldn't even figure out how to collate pages or fold a one page zine myself, much less teach children how to do so! When I saw this class was being offered by Kate I promptly signed up and got to work learning! 

These are the zines that the children made during the camp (the cover of the large zine was my only contribution). A small class of 4 children, each one had their own unique interests and skills to offer on their individual one-page zines and in the larger full zine zine. 


One little boy made a series of zines called "The Secret Identities of Mr. Bear", where he used cut-outs of a bear I had drawn, and made a different disguise for him on each page. Everyone thought it was hilarious and extremely clever, except for his older brother who was quite jealous of his little brother's ingenuity. :) 

The biggest surprise in the class from a girl who was very quiet and had made two very simple zines of just a few clip art photos and short captions. When I set her to work on her (originally 2) pages of the collaborative zine, I couldln't get her to stop writing! She made up the story of "Cindy Rella", cutting out dozens of tiny pictures, setting them in order, and then carefully pasting them into her story while she was writing. She had a vision from the beginning, and ended up with a very interesting and cleverly illustrated 6 page story. 

Surprisingly the camp was a sucess, due to Kate's Skillshare class, Esther Watson's book "Watcha Mean What's a Zine?", The Clip Art Book compiled by Gerard Quinn, the inspiration and motivation from my friend Michelle Dwyer, and the imagination and hard work of my pupils!

I plan to scan the zines into PDF's for the gallery's website, which I will share eventually! 


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