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Cut the Shxt Please

I would like for you to take a moment and consider on who you would like to become in life. If it were as easy as pointing it out on a piece of paper, any occupation imaginable, which would it be? If your desired occupation is based upon financial gain, then you will have no clue on how to relate to this message, but for those who base their choice off of passion and curiosity; then this is meant for you.


Before I begin my mini guide, I would like to establish that I am not passing judgment or believe that you, the reader, is not working diligently and persistently, but I have concluded to an OPINION to what is really happening within our society in today’s world.

There is a great battle going on in the world that is not being fully highlighted in our news or media. The battle is within us, the battle between Reality & Imagination. What makes this inner tension worse; many of us are unaware that it is even happening. We as creative individuals, innovate beautiful and practical idea that may influence the world for good and the better. What slowly diminishes our ideas is what actually has allowed us to think of such, our Imagination.

Our own perception of Reality, I believe should be nothing but a blank canvas. In simple terms, no matter how much you hope, wish, or pray nothing will appear upon the canvas unless we act and do something about it. How scary a blank canvas can be when you have no idea on what to create or even worse, what if nobody likes it?

So this is when the great battle commences, because of Reality & Imagination, we somehow develop an annoying habit of fear. With this fear, we tend to hide or settle where it is most comfortable for us. I believe we can all agree that sometimes our Imagination is far more comfortable and relaxing that our own Reality. This is where ideas are lost. Not in the sense of forgetting, but lost as in, never seeing it’s potential in Reality.  In result, we feel unfulfilled and at times never seem to be able to feel that hole.


I have encountered numerous people who have great aspirations and potential to become the next respected fashion designers, musicians, accountants, entrepreneurs, etc. I always provide moral support, but instead of feeding their heads with all positives, I ask them one question. How much do you know? How can you desire a dream career, but have not pursued any of the necessary research it takes. I do not want to make achieving your dreams a complex formula, but in fact that is exactly what our dream goals are once created, complex. I think it is quite sad to see someone prophesize about his or her goals, but never act out on it and because of this, it is always the same cycle:


Declare Goal > Imagine Goal Into Existence > Lack of Actions > Back to Imagination


When we place ourselves back into our Imagination because we lacked to pursue any worthy note of action, we silently yearn for opportunities to present themselves to assist us into achieving our dreams, ideas, or goals. In my OPINION, this is such a sad thing to witness, because we all are capable to be great, but in retrospect we do it to ourselves.

If you want to be a fashion designer, then be one. Educate yourself, read books, watching lectures, interviews, anything that may deem worthy or relevant to your growth. No one can deny your intelligence if you allow yourself to gain the knowledge. This goes for anything that you, the reader, may want to become or do in the world.

The black canvas (Reality) is waiting for you to embrace it with a stroke of aesthetics. Let us not delay another minute. We have an abundance of available technology that assist us in our growth for knowledge. We cannot hope or wish to be lucky enough for an opportunity to fall in our laps. We must work now and provide no excuse in our pursuit for greatness. I have faith in you, the reader, because we all posses the skills to do what needs to be done. It is our job to end this battle within ourselves and to finally…


I am only a 21-year-old student who aims to help those when I am given the chance. I will not list my accomplishments or success, but will provide praise to two main sources that I believe will also motivate you and help you realize how great you are. I advise you, the reader, to check out a song and a book. Simple enough. Hopefully the song can inspire you to realize that no matter our circumstance, we can do anything we choose. The book will allow you to see that whatever you choose to do, you will embark on a journey that may lead you to other paths or situations you never imagined. Embrace what you want to do and do it now!


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