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Cut Corners + Feliz como una lombriz

I finished a simple illustration using the "Cut corners" idiom. I was originally planning on doing a Mexican idiom (since that's where I'm from), but I felt like I was thinking it through too much, and then I looked for idioms in English and when I read the "cut corners" one an image came to my mind and decided to start with that one. 

I definitely need to sketch more and better, but here's my word list and a few rough sketches.


Cut corners. It was my first time using the blob brush tool, but I liked it. It was also my first time using the perspective grid on illustrator, very useful.


And I guess I cut corners, because I wanted to finish this so instead of driving to Office Depot to print and making the textures with the blender marker I used some I already had. And I ended up with two results, I don't know which one I like better.



To be honest I'm not too happy with these and I'm still planning on making one in Spanish, but I consider this like a warm up. I really enjoyed the class!

UPDATE 08/SEP/15: Feliz como una lombriz.

I decided to go with "Feliz como una lombriz" for the Spanish idiom. Its English equivalent would be "Happy as a clam", but its literal translation is "Happy as an earthworm". No idea why an earthworm, but I'm pretty sure it's because Feliz and Lombriz rhyme. I felt like I couldn't get it right with the blob tool, and I ended up not using it, but I did make my texture manually.



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