Customized bed linen for shabby chic and scandinavian design lovers

Customized bed linen for shabby chic and scandinavian design lovers - student project

Hi everyone, here is my revised project:

The idea in short:

Matilda’s Home is THE place on the Internet where shabby chic, country style and Scandinavian design lovers create their very own bed linen to beautify their homes. It’s MyMuesli for bed linen. Made in Germany from 100% organic cotton.

Top 3 holes:

1. no need for customized bed linen – bed linen partly considered to be a low interest product people won’t spend time on designing or creating

2. the price for customized bed linen might be too high – mentioned both ways: from an individual perspective as well as with regards to targeting the mass market. Negative spill over effects from well-known mass customization products (ideas are generally liked, prices not)

3. difficult to create diversity – not possible to cater for everybody’s needs, too expensive and diffcult to offer various fabrics to choose from

MVP solution:

Matilda’s Home makes use of to get interested people to register for being amongst the first people to create their customized bed linen. leads people to a Matilda's Home DaWanda shop where people can select pattern, color and closure (we use a shabby chic style photo frame, put different pieces of fabric with different colors, patterns as well as closures into it, take a photo and upload it on DaWanda so that people can select miminum features without us having to build both an expensive online shop selection tool and website) to test the idea with people generally open to more create stuff.

Actionable Plan:

What’s your goal? What's your success metric? The first customer acutally creating and buying customized bed linen until the end of the year. 

What is your solution to reach your goal. Creating a landing page where people can register for becoming one of the first people to get exclusive access to create their own bed linen at a 5% discount before the shop starts.

What is a good week-long experiment you can run to hit your goal? Set up a landing page and let friends, family and colleagues know about it using social networks and word of mouth. 

Thanks for any kind of feedback.