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Customise Furniture and Home Decor to Make it Your Own!


Wilson Swan is rebranding to reposition and target a broader market. Originally selling just lighting we will now offer bespoke furniture and home décor alongside the lighting. Our furniture range will be customizable online - things like size, colour, finish, shape and features. Once the customer has personalised their order online, it's handmade in England to their specification and sent to the customers door within 2 weeks.


Rebrand the company to reposition it within the market taking into consideration its USP (Customization of the products) and bringing attention to other admirable qualities (All products are handmade in England, our stupidly amazing risk reversal offering).

To create a brand which can translate to different mediums well (packaging, promotional material, advertising boards etc.).

Target Audience

18+ individuals who appreciate design and want to take their uniqueness/personality and translate it into the items they keep in their home.

Optional but not required:

  • People who appreciate things handmade
  • People who appreciate things made in England (supporting our local economy)

Possible specific target markets:

  • Expecting mothers/families – They’ll have a new baby room to plan/purchase for. They’ll want it to be special for their newborn and will possibly be looking through Pinterest for inspiration.

Distinguishing Characteristics

  • We don’t source and mass produce, we design and build
  • We make our products by hand in England
  • A premium is put on design which leads to beautiful products


A strong concept, I really want to incorporate into the brand is ‘Furniture Accumulates Stories’. The idea of looking at something that’s been in your home for a long time and remembering stories of things that happened to it – around it – on it – because of it.


We want our furniture and the stories it accumulates to be passed down through generations from family to family. That why we provide every product in the Wilson Swan range with [INSERT STUPIDLY AMAZING RISK REVERAL OFFER HERE] and it’s why we build everything to these incredibly high standards [INSERT STUPIDLY AMAZING HIGH STANDARDS HERE]

‘Accumulates’ – something wrong with this word. Possible negative connotations linked to it e.g. ‘accumulating dust’


Make it Yours


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