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Customer Loyalty Playbook for KarunaPhoto

Customer Loyalty Playbook for KarunaPhoto

KarunaPhoto’s Target Audience

I want to offer photographic experiences to people who are creative, thoughtful, and easygoing. My target client is someone who knows the importance of hiring a professional and enjoys using a photographer for all kinds of events.

KarunaPhoto’s Brand Narrative

I capture the ‘real’ smile, the glint in the eye, and the belly laugh. I don’t just document the event. When you look back through the images, you will see the beauty and joy that everyone experienced.

KarunaPhoto’s Loyalty Strategy

I will do my very best to capture my clients personality and beauty in a photo. Each session will be fresh, fun, and open to suggestions. I treat clients with kindness and respect. When the photos are presented to the client, they have been lightly retouched and are in a gallery for presentation and orders. I answer all emails within 24 hours. I will interact with clients like friends and offer assistance with every contact. If my style is not for you, I will gladly refer another professional that I trust. I will monitor feed back through social media, website statistics, and occasionally utilize ‘Survey Monkey’.

KarunaPhoto’s Actionable Plan

1. I will schedule time each day to respond to emails, social media inquiry’s, and work on images.
2. I will continue membership with Professional Photographers groups and labs who allow me to learn new techniques, keep current on equipment reviews, and support me in my business venture.
3. Once a month I will participate in a social meet up with other members of the community. (i.e tweetups, linked in events, festivals, and/or charity events)
4. Every six months I will check in with former clients by phone or email and each major Holiday I will offer a special or new product.
5. I will implement a referral program were clients will earn 50 points for each new referral. Based on the number of points earned a client will be rewarded with certain free prints.
Success Metric

KarunaPhoto wants lifelong clients; Families that can grow with us. We will measure success from both referrals and return customer percentages.

KarunaPhoto's Competitive Advantage

My competitive advantage is being able to offer knowledge, patience, and respect to my clients. I don’t believe in high pressure sales and I keep my offerings up to date, simple, and easy to navigate. The clients absolute satisfaction and loyalty is my goal.

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