Custom Travel Palette

Custom Travel Palette - student project

Hi, this was a great, informative class! Here is my personal palette I recently set up, after my husband and kids gifted me the Portable Painter palette for Mother's Day! It is made up mostly by my first professional set (Winsor & Newton) that I got for free with an Amazon card promotion. I've been (very slowly) adding from other brands as I can afford them, and am having a lot of fun playing with them! I'm not very experienced with mixing yet, so I thought a 12 pan travel set would be the perfect way to force myself to pare down to 12 colors and do more mixing, without getting too intimidated by using only 3 or 6 primaries. Here are the colors I ended up with:

Winsor Yellow (PY 154) - Winsor & Newton

New Gamboge (PY 97, PY 110) - Daniel Smith

Winsor Red (PR 254) - Winsor & Newton

Permanent Rose (PV 19) - Winsor & Newton

Winsor Blue, Green (PB 15) - Winsor & Newton

French Ultramarine (PB 29) - Winsor & Newton

Permanent Sap Green (PG 36, PY 110) - Winsor & Newton

Winsor Green, Blue (PG 7) - Winsor & Newton

Yellow Ochre (PY 43) - Winsor & Newton

Quinacridone Burnt Orange (PO 48) - Daniel Smith

Burnt Sienna (PBr 7) - Daniel Smith

Payne's Grey (PBk 7, PB15:1, PV 19) - Sennelier

Custom Travel Palette - image 1 - student project

Custom Travel Palette - image 2 - student project