Custom T-shirt Pineapple

Custom T-shirt Pineapple - student project

Few days ago I bought colored markers for textile painting and I wanted to try them out and create cool t-shirt for myself. Unfortunately I don't have paints for textile and those markers was for very low price at sale factory :) This was the first time I tried working on that surface and it was really interesting.

I like summer, neon colors, beautiful typography and design. When I found similar design on Pinterest, I wanted to recreate it to something what will be fun to wear.

Custom T-shirt Pineapple - image 1 - student project

I have to admit, markers was a little leaking, it was difficult to create perfect lines. Maybe it is better with paints for textile. Definitely, I have to try it with paints next time to compare it.

But it was really fun experience and I am happy that I tried it. I really used your tips from your class which made my process a lot easier :)

Thanks for sharing your class with us and looking forward to see more of your classes in the future! :)

Natalia Siposova
Art & Fun! :)