Custom Sketchbook: Making your own ever-growing sketchbook at your own taste

Well, first time doing this! so.... here we go!


The tittle for my class will be Custom Sketchbook: Making your own ever-growing sketchbook at your own taste

And the description so far goes as:

"In this class you will learn how to make an ever-growing sketchbook, which you will be able to customize at you own taste in means of format, types of paper and covers. The classes are a step by step lesson to crafting your stechbook, and also a final class for customizing its covers.

For the class project, you will be invited to make your own sketchbook following the instructions on the classes, to customize it at your own taste,  and to share the results in the class project gallery.

This class is for anyone who wants to learn a little of book crafting, and it does not need any kind of previous knowledge, so please join us and share your results!"


Then, The Class Project description:


Follow the step to step of making your own sketchbook in the video classes. Once you have completed your sketchbook and customize it with the tips I give on the class videos, upload a photo of it and how you use it. It would be great if you upload photos of the sketchbook with actual drawings inside it!


Upload the assignment in the following order. You don´t need to upload all the parts at once! Just upload them as you progress in your project. For inspiration, check out the sample project and other student`s projects in the gallery:

  • Planification: Write about how you would like your sketchbook to be. Using the template in the resources section, feel free to adjust it at your own taste and upload the new one with the changes (if you want it just as it is is ok too!). Also tell us about what types of paper will you use!
  • Pictures of your assembled sketchbook : Upload a photo of your sketchbook closed and one of it opened so we can see how it went!
  • Pictures of your customized covers: Finally customize your covers and upload a pictures of them. Also, if you have already used it, share some of your work inside it!

Please share your ideas and also leave feedback in other classmate´s projects!



Here is the link for my class outline:

It is still in progress, but I think it has the essentials

This is all I got so far! I`ll keep on working:)


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