Custom Palette & Swatches

Custom Palette & Swatches - student project

The TL;DR version: This was a fun and useful project to do!

For those who like reading about one’s backstory & thought processes, here you go--

Several months ago I found a set of new, unopened Van Gogh tubes and 10 Daniel Smith sticks in a thrift store score. I enjoyed fiddling with them but really wanted a “proper” watercolor palette. I splurged on the 24-set of Schmincke from Jackson’s for Christmas and also purchased Da Vinci violet and Schmincke quinacridone purple single tubes. [Also bought Qor phthalo blue just to observe how aquazol behaves! It would have been a duplicate pigment so I didn't include it.] For this project, I chopped up the beautiful swatch sheet I so carefully made. I was a little sad about doing it, but it was worth it so I could decide on an arrangement that pleased me.Custom Palette & Swatches - image 1 - student project

The theme seemed to be “Mostly” when working on this palette. Mostly in spectral order. My brain is wired toward order and precision. My exploration with watercolor entails learning to let the paints do what they want and not interfere too much with their action on the paper.  

I’m mostly happy with the color assortment and arrangement. Now that I’ve painted the insert swatch page, I wish I had switched yellow ochre and burnt sienna; and switched permanent carmine and quin coral. I’ll live with it though

Custom Palette & Swatches - image 2 - student project

If you ignore the far-right column: You will notice mostly cool colors on the top row, mostly warm colors on the second row. These rows contain the colors that I use for working on color theory. The third row are the colors I enjoy using because they’re so dang pretty. Bottom row: the colors I use least often. In the future as I gain experience, I would probably remove the naples  yellow and ivory black and replace those with another green and possibly another cool purple.

And just for fun, the pans in their final positions:

Custom Palette & Swatches - image 3 - student project