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Custom Coffee & Tea Subscription Service

The best fresh coffee & tea in the world, tailored to your taste preferences and delivered to your door every two weeks.

Hugely popular coffee shops like Intelligentsia and Stumptown are putting our delicious  coffee that people line up to pay $5 a cup. (Seriously, it blows away Starbucks). Getting it at home is tricky though - you need to go to the cafe right after the beans are delivered to get the best quality.  (They're stale by the time you see them at the grocery store.) And these cafes are only in certain neighborhoods of certain cities. Even then, you might end up with coffee that doesn't fit the kind of taste you like. (Its like buying wine at a supermarket - there's a ton of options, and 'flavors' vary quite a bit.) At $16-22 a bag, its pain to spend that much and be disappointed. Same goes for tea.

Idea: The Netflix of coffee & tea. (Or for coffee, if you're familiar) You fill out a questionarre of tastes you like (salty, sweet, tangy, how open you are to new flavors) and how much coffee you/your household drinks.  We send you fresh coffee and tea every two weeks, you give it a thumbs or thumbs down, and we tailor future shipments accordingly. See what your friends are sipping, and try out their favorites. 


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