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Curtain Call

Working on an idea for an animated short based off of something that happened to me as a kid.

When I was younger my mom enrolled me in dance, and in my one and only recital we had a curtain call at the end, and I got stuck outside of the curtain when it closed and everyone was laughing. It was totally humiliating.

I want to transform the story, but keep the gag of a girl getting stuck outside of a curtain.

Curtain Call

Theme: Be careful what you wish for

Premise: A little girl who wants to be in the spotlight at her dance recital gets her wish when she gets stuck outside of the curtain durring the curtain call and quickly becomes the center of some much unwanted attention.

The short will start with the girls dancing, most of the girls are dancing very uniformly, following the routine, but there is one little girl who is "dancing to the beat of her own drummer" so to speak.  She is much more free in her movement, and very exhuberant on stage.

There is a spotlight that focuses on each girl in turn, but she tries to work her way into the spotlight any chance she gets.  She loves the attention!

the routine winds down, and the audience starts to applause, of course our little protagonist tries to make her way to the very front of the group, and suceeds.

She gets very caught up in waving and bowing, so much so that she does not notice when the curtain closes behind her.  She keeps waving and bowing until she realizes that the audience has started to laugh.

She looks left and right to see what is so funny, and then realizes that she is by herself, and that the curtain has closed behind her, and it is her that they are laughing at!

Mortified, she looks left and right again, trying to find a quick escape.  She starts to side step to her right to get off the stage, still facing the audience, with a big forced smile on her face, not quite hiding her anxiety.

Suddenly a grown up hand reaches between an unseen opening in the middle of the curtain and whips her back inside the curtain.

The End

Here are some rough sketches of the little girl:


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