Curly | Skillshare Projects

Audrey Bee

art dabbler extraordinaire




Holy moly this did not come naturally to me at all.... Uhhhh. So here goes! This is my original drawing. There were lots more penciled in cheeks but I erased them before scanning them and forgot to take a photo first.


I struggled a lot with consistency in face size and a few of those eye shapes. The image below is sans-cheeks! I really struggled (as you'll see) with anger and with rage and with horror


Once I added in some light gray cheek areas, I felt like the character came to life a little more, but I still would love some help with those three I listed above. Even with cheeks, they didn't quite come together.


Then I was like hey... let me digitize this! This was one of my favorite expressions so I had a little fun in Illustrator!




I loved this class and can't wait to practice this a little more! I needed this class so badly to work on the Childrens' Book class, so I'm going to circle on back to that one now! Thank you!!


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