Curly cat | Skillshare Projects

Toben Lewis

Designer/maker, lives and works on a tiny island



Curly cat

I was initially inspired by... my cat. She was sleeping next to me when watching the class videos so I decided to go with that.


I searched for some reference photos and ended up with the one above.


Starting doing some loose sketches based on the shape from the photo. Didn't have any tracing paper, lightbox, or even sunlight to hand so I was sketching straight into my sketchbook. I pretty much immediately realized that I wanted the ears pointing forward so they had a better silhouette.


Took those into Illustrator and started blocking out the shapes I wanted. I got the rough idea I was after, and then started some basic gridding.


 At that point I realized the head needed to flow with the curves as well, so started to alter that as well. 


Sleeping kitty! Mine's actually all black, but I like the graphic better in brown... 


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