Curious in Paris - Connecting visitors to artisans

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Curious in Paris - Live authentically


Meet Curious in Paris.
We’re a new way of
experiencing traditional crafts in Paris by sharing an authentic experience with passionate talented craftsmen.
We do this by
arranging studio visits where the artisan shares his story.
It’s better than battling your way through to the Mona Lisa at the Louvre because you will meet a true artist and it still leaves you with enough time to hike up the Eiffel Tower !
We know you’ll enjoy it because it’s a unique and authentic experience you will remember for years to come.

Short Summary

For a few hours Curious in Paris opens you the doors to Parisian craftsmanship and artistry. Dive into the world of a Parisian artisan, share an exclusive, authentic and memorable experience.


Curious in Paris, share an exclusive and authentic experience with a local artisan.

How It Works

Curious in Paris connects visitors to artisans with a passion for their craft.

1. Curiosity is key - find a craft you want to know more about

2. Arrange a studio visit at reception or give us a call !

3. Discover an artisan’s world and participate in a short demonstration

Get ready to awaken your creativity - curiosity has never been this good !

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