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Curious Zach!

Openning Scene: 

The scene opens with a wide shot of a sci-fi looking place on some distant planet very close to a volcano. A plane / jet  flies into the shot and lands in the facility !  

Scene zooms to creature walking out of the plane and into the office. 

then proceeds to speak to the Officer (Haan) manning the project and says that if the precious stone is not found with 3 days this project will be shut down. Creature leaves.

Upset officer haan calls for his assitant "Fufu"

"why are we failing to locate the precious stone, if you fail bad things will happen to you" 

fufu trembles with fear when haans son jumps out and scares fufu, fufu faints. 

Zach is scolded by haan who is already worried abt his reputation punishes him and asks him to not leave his room all day. 

Camera follows zach into his room, where we learn Zachs personality, he playful naughty and exteremly fond of flying objects, planes etc. 

Looks out the window and sees his father furiously pushing the workers to move faster and find the precious stone, makes a face and turns to look at something more interesting and finds that the door to their plane is open and plans to fulfil his dream of flying the plane which is parked in the "Fly Zone" / airport :). 

Zach demostrates great skill by sneaking out of the high security office/home and makes his way to the plane.

On entering the plane his is bewildered by the number of buttons and controllers that are all colorful, without further ado starts the plane. 

The plane lifts off the Fly Zone, everyone notices it, father turns to see what hapnd, scream in anger first and then is gripped by concern for the life of his son !

the plane looses control, rocks left to right up and down and finally crashes into the volcano. 

the plane explodes, and pieces fly in all directions, Haan is devastated, when Zach emerges out of the debri flying to wards them, almost dead but breathing and holding tight to something .... errr .. the precious stone !!! Zach is the hero, he Saved the DAY !! 


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