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Kelly-Ann Pieterse

Trying to learn something new everyday.



Curious Ripples

Final Pattern:



Hey guys!

This session has been so inspiring and rewarding. Level up!
I've learned so much and can't wait to learn more about pattern making.

Now that I'm more comfortable in illustrator and the process, I can't wait to start on the next pattern! Thanks so much Elizabeth!


Sketches & Ideas:


Hey guys!

So, I'm learning pretty quickly that what makes a good illustration doesn't necessarily
make a good pattern.

Starting this phase was a little intimidating, there are so may ideas and directions I could go in!
Things got a bit messy and I decided to narrow down the amount of possible elements.
I still think I have way too many...  _( _ - _ )_

I tried to get my head around how the fish pattern could possibly flow and how the ripple pattern could interact and support the fish. I guess it's easier for me to plan this part out before I focus on digitizing the final elements.

I'm enjoying the process and looking forward to the next phase and seeing everyone's work! ^__^)/


Mood Board:


The inspiration for my mood board Curious Ripples comes from an experience I had when I visited a Japanese garden that surrounded a huge pond.

First of all, I really wasn't prepared for the sheer amount and size of the Koi fish!
The way they all just showed up out of nowhere to join in on the feeding frenzy and then continued to follow along as I made my way around the pond, blew my mind! (I'm easily impressed.>_<)

The image of them all following along stuck with me and I want to try and capture it in this design.


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