Curiosity Kills: The Mars Rover Content Aggregator

The Mars Curiosity Rover is so badass.


Because of how well NASA uses new media channels to keep enthusiasts informed and engaged about the mission's progress.

A quick survey reveals a bunch of places that NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is using to tell the rover's story, often times, from a first person perspective as is the case with its Twitter feed for example.

Inspired by projects like Occupationalist.org, my site, very simply will aggregate all of the content, both NASA and fan generated, pertaining to the Curiosity Rover's adventures on Mars.

Here's a list of the content sources I'd like to include on the site (if possible):

  • Foursquare Feed - first check-in from another planet!
  • Unofficial Instagram Account
  • Twitter (@MarsCuriosity)
  • YouTube (NASAJPL channel and specific playlists (Curiosity On Demand and Rover Reports)
  • Google News Stories for Mars Curiosity search term
  • Tumblr posts containing Mars Curiosity tags

Simple? Yes. Extremely nerdy? Also, yes.


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