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Curiosity - A Lettering Project

July 25, 2014

Final Textured Image

So, I definately have some techiniques to refine. But it feels good to go through all the steps of a project and present a final piece.

July 16, 2014

Final Inked Scan

June 29, 2014

Let Curiosity Be Your Guide

As much as I enjoy watching all these Skillshare video tutorials, learning how to do things, and never actually doing them, I thought it's high time I start participating! I'm excited to share the first few steps of my lettering project, and I look forward to my classmates' feedback.

My phrase

Inspired by an article in Comm Arts Magazine in which designers are encouraged to enrich their life experiences by following their curiosity to learn about disciplines other than design. I thought it was a nice sentiment. I like the idea of being guided by curiosity. Though I realize the phrase alone may not serve as excellent, unquestioned advice... it works for me at this point in time.

I acknowledge the mash-up with the Jiminy Cricket quote, "Always let your conscience be your guide." But I'm not currently trying to become a real boy :) Just trying to draw words I like.

Mood board

Atomic-age propaganda, science-y, postage stamp, space, rockets

Word Warm-up


Rockets, molecules, atoms, beakers, splosions, chemical reactions, cat scientist, plus...

... more  molecules, swirly sparks, rivets...

Now subtract some stuff...

Pre-inked Final-ish Layout


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