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Curb Market

The curb market - a depression-era precourser to the Farmers Market - was a place where communities could come together around the exchange of home-grown food. 

The local food movement is alive and thriving once again, and people are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to connect with their communities through food. Curb Market starts as close to home as possible. It is a place for home-growers to sell their products directly with members of their community. 

Gardeners are passionate about what they do. They grow the best food in the world and yet the opportunity to share it with those around them (and make a bit of money on the side!) are fairly limited. Curb Market indends to change that.

Ever have a bit more growing than you know what to do with?

Ever wish you could buy a few of your neighbor's beutiful heirloom tomatoes rather than driving to the grocery store and getting those mushy tomoatoes from 1500 miles away?

Would you expand your production area if it would result in an additional income stream for your family while making your neighbors the happiest people on earth?

Curb Market is a marketplace for home grown fruits and vegetables. Sign up and sell your produce or find someone close by with the products you need. Get to know your community a little better and aviod that extra trip to the store!


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