Curating Good Taste (CGT)

Turning Consumers into Connoisseurs

Curating Good Taste is a phrase chosen to represent a lifestyle. It is intended to reflect a person whom takes extra care in understanding aesthetic and expressing themselves. Someone who is CGT understands what is timeless and what is kitsch, they understand the importance of creating a unique identity. CGT is reflected in all forms of art, especially fashion, music, and tattoos. The forms of expression that are directly tied to personal identity. It is important to stay ahead/away from trends, not just to be unique, but also as a means to promote creative and progressive thinking.  In today's market, consumers are uninformed. They make buying decisions based on what others communicate to them, not what is communicated internally.  That is why CGT adopts the phrase 'turning consumers into connoisseurs.' Individual's need to put forth the effort to educate themselves on a certain standard of quality and adhere to it. In fashion this is reflected by what brands one wears, where the materials come from, and how those raw materials are put together. But most of all, how does what you wear influence one's identity.  It is important to note, that CGT is not limited to fashion however.  Where one gets food is CGT, music is CGT, cars are CGT. It is an all encompassing way of rethinking your decisions and fully realizing the life you want to live.

we need a mechanism of release for our goods.  thats to say that, we
cannot expect the company to grow by gradually adding products in a
erratic non structured way.  we need to figure out how to get people
excited for the products we support individually.  i think it will
involve some kind of marketing campaign.  Not mass, because we dont
have the resources, and not viral because we want to market on our own
platform, not preexisting ones.  Look at the recent samsung app
release, they only released their new streaming service with Jay-z as
partner.  But they crossed the platforms of music and software.  We
need to do something similar.

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