Curate 5 Photos - @katekei_

Curate 5 Photos - @katekei_ - student project

Curate 5 Photos - @katekei_ - image 1 - student projectCurate 5 Photos - @katekei_ - image 2 - student projectCurate 5 Photos - @katekei_ - image 3 - student projectCurate 5 Photos - @katekei_ - image 4 - student projectCurate 5 Photos - @katekei_ - image 5 - student project

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Hi Sean (thank you for the class!) & fellow students,


I learned a lot from these videos and I will try to incorporate a lot of these methods into growing my Instagram. I have joined engagement groups, which has truly boast my following count and post engagements. I really do agree that consistency is key, and setting the same tones for each post crucial in reaching the target audience. I am a lifestyle, travel, fashion, and makeup content creator (who also makes YouTube videos) and I have struggled for a long time on how to "fix" my Instagram feed to become more aesthetically pleasing. I have a lot of interests, and I want to tell my story. I enjoy posting a wide range of content on my daily lifestyle and travels. I cannot cut down on a specific topic, and sometimes I deal with a very colorful feed that may not grasp my account visitor's attention or interest. I also struggle to find targeted hashtags relevant to my feed, as my posts constantly get buried in the sea of better posts.

Please take a look at my account @katekei_ and let me know if you have any comments, I would love to improve! Please follow me if you like my content! <3