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Dee Tracy

Interior Decorator



Cuppa Tea


This class has been so much fun and a has completely taken me out of my comfort zone.  I'm a decorator by trade but was ready for a departure and really happy to jump into something new!  My thumbnail sketches are poor and I'm even worse on the computer. 

Because I'm an avid tea drinker I chose tea as my topic. My research took me to Pinterest to search for quotes about tea.

Each time I re-ink my drawing, I find something else I want to change. I feel I need to make some of my letters have more substance and also think it may be best to change the sailboat to the bottom and move the cup and saucer to the top.

I'd love any l feedback so I can finish this project and begin the next class.  Thanks so much to anyone who takes time to critique. I've really enjoyed looking at the projects that have been submitted.

I don't have Illustrator so I'm unable to digitize. I hand colored with markers but hope to learn how to finish this class properly using my computer!  I would definitely color the background once digitized!



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