Cuppa Flowers

Cuppa Flowers - student project

Loved learning the lasso tool technique, since I usually do a ton of scanning cut paper shapes to create my shapes and this is SO much faster. I want to experiment more to figure out what kind of brushes really work best for me. Also appreciated that this class forced me to bumble around on the Wacom tablet I bought a year ago and have barely used because I feel so clueless when I try. Hope practice makes it feel more intuitive. Also hope that practice makes things look less stiff and overworked. The flower project was fun! It was hard to know when to stop adding texture and lifework.

I also want to give a shout out to Stephanie! I work at an Free Spirit Publishing (an educational publisher) as a book designer, and Stephanie illustrated a book, ABC Ready for School, for us that turned out fabulous!!!! I've been following her on instagram ever since. 

Cuppa Flowers - image 1 - student project


Emily Dyer

book designer, illustrator, artist