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Sarah Rebar

Designer at Sesame Workshop



Cupcakes for kids!

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I’m a graphic designer / illustrator living and working in New York City. I work for a children’s company, so a lot of the work I create is cartoony, fun, and kid-friendly. I am interested in developing my own style of quirky art for licensing, with a focus on character design.

Inspiration / Brand Research -

Initially, I wanted to develop a tshirt for Threadless Kids.  I’ve always wanted to be part of the Threadless community and be one of those interviewed artists in the "featured" section. Threadless uses a variety of artists and styles for its brand, but overall I find their artwork is colorful, fun, and has a great sense of humor. They use a lot of puns and jokes in their art, and some of their designs are SO clever.

Similarly, I’ve found that Baby Gap and Carters also make fun, colorful clothing for children.

Other artist inpsiration:

For this project, I want to create a design that's silly and child-friendly but could also be worn by an older audience.

I know that Johnny Cupcakes has an older audience for its brand, but I was hoping to have the opportunity to create a piece of artwork inspired by Johnny Cupcakes' great style of illustration and sense of humor that is kid-centric (and maybe could be worn by adults as well as children.)

Themes - fun; color; sense of humor; character design; something that tells a story; stylized look; simplicity.

Still working on ideas. Sketches and thumbnails to come soon!


4/19/13 - Sketches!

I have a few ideas! First, I can't get the idea of a spacedog (like the Laika dog) out of my head, so I created a few sketches involving the dog exploring DEEP SPACE CUPCAKES.

Sketch 1 -

Sketch 2 -

Sketch 3 -

Sketch 4 -

I did have another idea (with a focus on character design) to create a simple giraffe character with cupcake spots instead of regular giraffe spots. (I know, two very different ideas... I was going in a bunch of different places, and these were the two ideas that stuck with me that I'd like to narrow down.) I think the giraffe character could be simple and very cute. I need to draw a more detailed sketch. Here's what I did for now:

Giraffe sketch -

For now I am leaning towards sketches 2 and 3, as I think they are the most simple and have fun character designs. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!


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