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Cupcake the Kid

Hello everyone! The brand I chose to work on was Johnny Cupcakes.I like their shirts because of the positive messages, cartoon characters, and overall rad energy their shirts represent. I especially enjoy their retro ad style shirts, so I decided to take a stab at that. Here are the shirts that gave me my idea...

I've noticed that when their shirts use an original cartoon character, they tend to borrow from designs used in the 40's & 50's. The older black & white cartoons have very distinct features of that era, which can be seen in the mouse shirt. The mouse and delivery man shirts have crisp line work, which help them pop more on the shirt. It brings a modern attitude to an older design.

The cupcake with the umbrella and the rooster are different in that they are hand drawn (or so it seems). The less polished look gives it a more retro feel. Not as much pop, but still very cool.

My goal here is to do a take on the old Twinkie the Kid advertisements, but have it be a cupcake cartoon character instead. Here's what I'm using as my base for my upcoming character design.

I'll post my sketches as soon as they're ready! Exciting times!

UPDATE 6/10/13

Here are my sketches for my Cupcake the Kid idea. I actually have a bunch of doodles from work (don't let them know that) that are pretty interesting, but I left those on my desk : p

Here are some of the inital designs of the character I did in my sketchbook.

I guess I was in a "fom the bottom up" kind of mood that day. I really liked the guy on the top, so I decided to do my thumbnail of what I think the shirt should look like next.

When doing this, I really liked the pointed nose on Cupcake the Kid. I made sure to work that into my final sketch.

I'll probably go back to the cursive style I had for "Johnny Cupcakes" in the thumbnail. There's also a tangent on the C and the custom shape, so that will have to go as well. The "tasty, fresh, Delicious!" will be a different font that I'll fix once I start doing the final linework. I'm not that strong at custom type. The bandana will be another "post" thing as well. I plan on making a pattern of the cupcake and crossbones logo on that. "Cupckae the Kid" will be going on his hat too.

I've been having a lot of fun with this, and would love to hear everyone's feedback. Woo!


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