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Cumin is the Bomb Dot Com

After watching the Brine Time video my husband and I were like,"Cool, let's do it."  We needed milk anyway so my husband picked up some cucumbers from our local market.  Then we just started putting in things that we like, and we were amazed with the results.  We couldn't stop eating them.   By the time I took this photo, we'd already eaten half from each jar. 



Fresh Dill

A few leaves of Fresh Coriander 

Minced Garlic

Red Pepper Flakes

Half a Habanaro Pepper (in my husbands, I was terrified to put one in for me.)


Sempio Brown Rice Vinegar (from a Korean Market)


I wasn't shy with most of the ingredients.  After a week (technically 6 days)  we opened them.  So good!  The habanero didn't end up being a threat afterall.  The spice was very subtle.  They had a nice crunchy texture with a hint of spiciness that lingered on the tongue.  Perfect!!  I just hope I can duplicate the recipe. 


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