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Culture'D (cul-tured)

"Be easy"Culture'D is a concept on creating simple graments with a pinch of southern flair. Myself and my team started in 2010 as just creating tees with my photography work.  We recivced a great response from our first shirt but I was so ignorant to that fact we were huslting backwards that I knew we would fail from when looking from the big picture. Yes just like the rest of you, I as well have been finincially challenged. (I sold drugs just to pay the bills off of our first shirt...I have no shame in telling you guys that) As of late, I have been playing around with my emboridery skills with our "bricks" pack and our hats. craftmenship is just about everybody to me so having myself embroider each and every garment allowed to know that I sent out the highest qualtiy gear that we can make. We aren't in the position for anything huge just yet as we are still building. I wanted to take this to consume any knowledge that I can from Jeff that I may not know about to better me and my position. I also joined this class to be able to network and also learn first hand from you guys that have gotten to next step.


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