Cultural Ambiguity | Skillshare Projects

Jala Prendes

Freelance Painter and Tae Bo Instructor



Cultural Ambiguity

As a painter, what interested me most was the difference between geometric forms created via computer versus a more organic, drawn form. As the square is the shape that is most identified with perfect, rigidly mathematical line work, I opted to make two separate squares: one a freeform doodle and the other a carefully-positioned form generated purely from the Shape tools.

Below are the initial greyscale versions from Unit 1:

...Followed by my repel/attract exercise...

...and finally, the results of Unit 2, my "Cultural Ambiguity" patterns. They are so named because they bring to mind many different cultures depending on the color palette, but similarly remain ambiguous rather than specific to particular cultures.

After I work through Unit 3, I will update again.


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