Thanks for this good class, Evgeniya. 

I chose this image from the Biodiversity Heritage Library on Flickr.


I wasn't sure what the type should say. I thought about it a good bit, and what I came up with was just the word "cultivate." I thought of adding another word so that it would tell the viewer to cultivate compassion, peace, justice, balance, love, etc. but then I decided that people could decide for themselves what to cultivate, and the word alone is both botanical and metaphorical.

I cut out the main flowers and some portions of the image and copied them on other layers like in the tutorial. I copied a few of the flower layers to create a bigger bouquet. My type is a traditional modern serif, but bold enough to be seen. I added a hue/saturation adjustment layer in the end to tone it down a bit. This was an interesting and good exercise!



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