Cultiva Black Label House Blend

Cultiva Black Label House Blend - student project

I chose to use a local coffee shop as my brand, and to use the ad as a way to promote the selling of one of their coffee blends.

First off: Creative Brief

Project Title: Cultiva Black Label Coffee Blend                               


 To whom are we communicating? What do we know about them? Coffee community in Lincoln, Nebraska. Cultiva appeals to a wide range of ages, from students to professionals. Audience is one who wants to support local community coffee shops and appreciates well-made drinks (and are willing to pay more for them.)

 What is the ONE main thing we want this audience to do? BUY the blend/be aware

 What is the benefit for the audience if they do this? (What's in it for them?) Be able to take home the premium coffee blend (and taste) that they love and expect from Cultiva

 Are there any secondary actions we would like members of this audience to take? Continue coming back to the locations, interact with business on social media

 What are the business objectives this project was designed to meet? What are the measurements? Objectives = Increase awareness/sales Measurement = revenue

What tone should this project have? Straightforward, but inviting


 What are the deliverables? Magazine ad

 What sizes do you need? For project: standard 8.5x11

 Do you want to test multiple versions? If so, how many? N/A for this project

Are there any mandatory elements/functional requirements/functional considerations? Company logo

 Have we done something similar before? What was the outcome? (Please include screenshots) Cultiva has never tried to do a campaign to advertise certain blends of coffee

Describe the Solution:

Challenge: Cultiva has begun selling their House Blend coffee in stores. We need to promote this new product venture.

 Solution: I wanted to sell the in-house experience of being in Cultiva, and use that to be the driving force behind the ad. Now that Cultiva is selling their signature blend, you can have the Cultiva experience at home. It’s an idea that will appeal to any member of the Cultiva audience, and anyone who is a coffee enthusiast.

Cultiva Black Label House Blend - image 1 - student project


I had a lot of fun doing this course and learned a lot, too. Thank you, Nicki!