Cuba - student project

These are from when I went to Cuba, January 2018. Way before i found this class. I've lived in NY my whole life and now, at 23, I'm living in Spain. So I can't wait to start taking more pictures, using what I've learned!


- Middle of the road: 

While my whole group was focused on looking at what people were selling on the street i decided to wonder off and i feel this really captures this part of Old Havana.  

Cuba - image 1 - student project



- Signs of life:

Guarapo is sugar cane juice that I could only find in the none tourist parts of Havana. More of a local thing. 

Cuba - image 2 - student project



- Birds-eye view:

This is in Trinidad, Cuba. At the hostal we were staying at I decided to see where to go and how high I could go, honestly I'm mad I didn't take more pictures up there. City full of colors.

Cuba - image 3 - student project



-Extra Middle of the road: 

There was no way I wasn't going to include this picture, but it was also in Trinidad, and the whole city is like on a hill and these colors and brick roads were so different than my NYC life that I had to take a picture. Cuba - image 4 - student project



-Postcard Shot:

Though it may not be your typical Cuba postcard I thought it was beautiful, it was at a fort looking over Old Havana, I had to wait a little to get the sunset but it was worth it. I was the only one in the group to get a photo like this. Cuba - image 5 - student project


-Off the beaten path:

Again I steered away from my group but I found what represents Cuba, well the people who are still there. Though to many Che Guevara wasn't a good man, many people that remain look at him as a Hero and this shot I loved, the painting plus the chipped wall, including that awesome bike that was parked there. Cuba - image 6 - student project

I really enjoyed looking back at the pictures I've taken. Recently I went to Belgium and France and I found I have these types of pictures from there too. Can't wait to take more, since I have upcoming trips to Mexico and home, NYC. 

Chelsea Morales
Learning new things