I'm starting this project using this screencap from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but I'm not happy with the results so far, so I might try something different.


The resulting colors are just not what I was going for.  I think the dark background colors in the original image are making the foreground colors look lighter.


Even when I extended it out using this technique, I wasn't happy with the results.  Also, for some reason my computer doesn't think adding 70 and 30 percent of the same colors should equal 100 percent? Who knows.



I switched to this illustration by Lois Van Baarle for my inspiration and came up with much better color palettes:



I'll post the final illustration when I'm finished!


I used markers to color this guy, so I wasn't able to stay 100% accurate to the palette I designed based on what colors were available.  Plus, I threw some yellow into the mix because Ms. Pac-Man didn't look right in the peachy color.  


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