Crystal clusters

Crystal clusters - student project

I'm not a complete novice to making patterns, but I when I've made them, I normally worked digitally. I thought this project would be a fun challenge/exercise to do by hand (though in the end I did mess up and move onto the iPad...). I also have been wanting to get better at drawing crystals, so I thought hey, why not now?

I started off sketching with pencil on bristol paper. I taped the pieces together using artist tape so that if I wanted to continue switching the panels while filling in the design, I could do so without causing much damage.

Crystal clusters - image 1 - student projectCrystal clusters - image 2 - student project

Crystal clusters - image 3 - student project

Crystal clusters - image 4 - student project

I inked it with a new brush pen that I need practice with, and decided to color it in with watercolors, which I also need practice with (learning opportunity c-c-combo!). Unfortunately, that ended up looking like crap really quickly, so I gave up and traced over it on iPad. I do still plan to color it in and will update this when I've done so. Some of the crystals look pretty weird and color would help them out.

Crystal clusters - image 5 - student project

Crystal clusters - image 6 - student project

I think I did a good job hiding any obvious tile edges, but the pattern becomes noticeable pretty quickly. If I were to do this again, I'd make it a half-drop.

Palette/scheme suggestions welcome!