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Nienke SD




Cry babes

This is the final design:

I love drawing and I doodle as much as I can, but I found it very useful to try some new approaches that Jon offers in the videos. Usually, I keep my doodle-based illustrations and my digital illustrations seperate in a way. The doodles stay analogue and the digital work is made mainly in Illustrator and is therefore much cleaner and has a very different kind of qualities to it. But it was great to find a new way to bridge the gap between the two.

So I started out with the doodling exercises: 




I was inspired by a quote from an acid attack victim. They stated "The person who did this to me thought they took away all my value, but all that they really did was free me from being valued on looks alone."

It really struck me when I read it and I immediately wanted to use it.


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