Jessica Albert

Graphic Designer



Crush Nightclub

Crush simply is and will continue to be the quintessential nightclub experience in Grand Rapids, MI.

Located in The B.O.B., an entertainment and dining hotspot, club-goers know that Crush is the apex of night life in West Michigan. Often imitated and never duplicated, Crush has displayed an uncanny consistency in creating, hosting and executing the wildest, most imaginative and sensually tempting events. Crush changes and improves with the times, always staying on the cutting edge of technology, audio, music, decor and style, with DJs spinning Top 40 hits and remixes. Yet there remains a timeless class and attitude to Crush - something which can neither be faked nor manufactured. 

AUDIENCE: 18-24, college students in search of a good time, a place to meet people, dance, and enjoy the night set to a dj produced soundtrack.

PRODUCT -> nightlife, danceclub, bar 

VALUES/EQUITY -> innovative, quintessential, stylish

TONE-OF-VOICE -> youthful, flirtatious, hip

TAGLINE: Remember Your First Crush?

METHODS OF COMMUNICATION: social media (primarialy Facebook, Twitter, Flickr), engage users through heavy use of color, visuals and eye-catching graphics through print, web and social media.






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