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Crumblin' Erb

live heroku install running at

# build notes #

going a little off the track of the class with some of my revisions...

way back at the beginning i added an extra section in the database for tags, so there's an extra layer of metadata in the posts. the front page isn't in traditional blog style, more of an index of posts.

i handrolled a small icon font using with custom glyphs calibrated to the functionality of the app. replaced a lot of text with icons, which is most visible on the post management screen.

haven't tested on a phone yet but i'm trying to work this into something that will feel really good using with a single thumb on glass. 

# backstory & links #

i am a UX designer working in the startup universe. some of our products are being built on ruby; while my go-to engineer on the team is also a front end developer, i find my lowly HTML/CSS background not quite adequate for our UXy purposes so i decided it was time to jump in with both feet. i have this old (vaguely NSFW) outkast song stuck in my head... Crumblin' Erb

quick snippet for adding basic authentication:

some further reading on security:

# use case #

last year i mocked up a simple website to display some writing projects. it's almost exactly identical to the feature set presented in this class, with a few slight tweaks. it originally began as a desire for a custom text editor which in turn called for a lightweight CMS which in turn demanded some kind of dynamic presentation. i was originally going to write something in PHP but my interest waned even though my desire remains strong to execute the concept. it's not so much a blog, more dynamically updated ebook. the last revision is still live over at


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