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Crumbled Thoughts

Final projects can be viewed below:

Line Sheet

Credit Application

Costing Sheet

Lookbook (General)

We wish every brand much success! Thank you Jeff for this amazing class and insight on sales and sourcing. We appreciate all the wisdom you have shared to help us grow our brand.

Company Overview

Crumbled Thoughts clothing is for those who want to provoke people on purpose using their torso. We do not strive to necessarily inspire, but to instigate people’s thoughts into thinking within the box, but just making sure the box is outside! We create what we think through the skills of using common sense in uncommon events. Our motto is simple “Be Brilliant. Remain Random.”

Our Vision...

We stole it…..Just playing!!  We actually started as a blog site that developed from a random idea that we had in college to share underground music, art, and poetry that we liked. After receiving our first student loan payments we quickly learned that we were NOT bloggers! We then decided that we should bring our thoughts to life through graphic and typography shirts setting our new vision on a clothing canvas that we have been painting ever since. Our creative designs and quotes simply come from living in America! Being exposed to random nouns (people, places and things) in our everyday lives is what drives us to be just as random, but exude brilliance at the same time.

The Name Game...

We collectively expressed how the best ideas often come from thrown away or undeveloped “Crumbled Thoughts” . If nurtured correctly we know that these thoughts, when unwrapped, can turn into beautiful works of art.

Our Drive...

Life after college or TIPS (taxes, interest, principal, sallie mae) provokes the uncanny wittiness and sarcastic jargon of our clothing! We really aim not to necessarily inspire, but to instigate and provoke people! When people are provoked, they DO SOMETHING! We want to provoke them in their thoughts and their views of how they can impact their communities and this world through their own gifts and talents. When someone wears a Crumbled Thoughts shirt we want them to become a walking advertisement for our company

The Future...

The future of Crumbled Thoughts will consist of a men’s, women’s and children’s apparel line with multiple locations throughout the world. In addition to building our brand and company, we want to develop a chain of mentoring programs for young children and expose them to many different fields of art and business.

Shop online at

Instagram crumbledthoughts 

Twitter @crumbledthought

Facebook /crumbledthoughts

Contact: Tiayrra Bradley | [email protected]

The very first two shirts we got printed a little over 2 years ago. Amazed by how far we've come in such a short time.


The Making of A Random Idea That Turned Brilliant

It seems like yesterday that I took a room on the 3rd floor of my parents’ home (my brother's childhood bedroom) and turned it into my office. lol Anything that has to do with design whether graphic to interior- I'm all in for the project. I couldn’t wait to build my 'CT sweatbox'- and man has sweatbox lived up to its name. Shortly after we started the company I began doing research on printing options. We were fairly new to this process and low on cash, so buying a silkscreen printing station wasn’t in our budget. I remember going to this one screen printing shop I would get shirts printed at and I saw this huge "printer" in the front of their store. I asked one of the workers what was it and they told me it was a vinyl cutter. I went home that day and started researching more about them and ended up going on eBay to purchase one, as well as a heat press machine. It's funny because before I put the heat press in the room I painted all the walls black! lol That was a little stupid :/ Now that the business has been growing we have been able to link with a good screen print shop, but every now and then we crank up the heat!

Be Brilliant Remain Random

Everyone wants to be brilliant with us...

Shameless marketing.....

This was a cool little street art cobblestone installation project we did last summer.

Spending this Snowy Saturday afternoon tweaking our cost sheet while bumbing some Mndsgn. Looks like my math degree came in handy afterall o_O

Been working on this line sheet Catalog for almost a year now. This sales/sourcing class is our confirmation stage that we are finally ready to release it. Good things come to those that wait and diligently prepare !

Calender timeline for our Summer 14' Collection. Hopefully we can stick to these dates!

General 2014 Calendar- yikes that looks busy, but rewarding! This was a little difficult trying to figure out, but I think we will be able to get on the fashion calender in good enough time.

We love lookbooks around here ... o_O

Sorry we havent been able to update post. Most work happens offline :) lol Was in LA a few weeks ago setting up pop-up shop events for our summer 14' releases. Couldnt leave without finding a random person on the street to take some pictues o_O

We do our best work around 2am !

We promise to ALWAYS keep it clean (literally lol) . There's enough vulgarness in streetwear culture ... PS- it's super hard to find people that will get inside of dryers :(

We recently had the opportunity to be showcased for NYFW2014. It's been about 2 & 1/2 years since we first embarked on this random journey and it just continues to become more brilliant each day. It's been a bit of a challenge making a transition from consumer to business entity, but the challenges, the work, and the effort is so worth it. Shopping is a whole new experience for me now. lol I'm looking at tag labels, checking stitching patterns, color combinations lol...anything I can get an idea from- I'm looking. I look forward to this ongoing journey. We're truly blessed.

Marketing Ads

Some Crumbled Thoughts marketing materials. Being a web/graphic designer saves us a lot of money! We try to keep things in-house as much as possible LOL

Promotion Material

Some of Crumbled Thoughts promotional materials that are free with every purchase!

We might be painters too :/ 


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