Cruising With Wrinkles

Cruising With Wrinkles - student project

                                                 How Cruising With Wrinkles Came to Be

I started this blog as a fun guide for people over age 50 who enjoy cruising or would like to cruise. Cruising With Wrinkles is nearly complete. I have most of the content and photos up and running. I officially launched it about a week ago and I've had over a hundred unique users. While that's nice, if I expect to monitize it - and I do - I need  a lot more people to check out the site on a regular basis. I'm also an artist and I'm hoping viewers will enjoy and order the artwork.

1. Major Players:

A: Baby Boomers

B: Cruising Enthusiastss

C: Cruise Lines

2. Why Friends need to have their contacts join?

A: It will assist them in selecting a cruise based on the wants and needs of an aging population.

B: It's presented in a fun way that will bring a Uh Huh smile to the faces of both novices and experienced cruisers.

C: The more views I have; the more money I make monitizing the site.

3. Whom can I charge for this service?

A Cruise Lines who want to advertise to the over 50 crowd

B: Any other company that markets to those over 50 - booksellers, AARP, etc.

4 . How does this bloghg empower those who use it?

A:  Anyone over 50 who enjoys cruising, but has lost the enthusiasm for doing so will find it here.  Cruising With Wrinkles is offers a sanctuary of sorts for those who have "grown up" and don't like the traditional party atmosphere on cruise ships

B: Business will find a dearth of customers yearning to take an 'adult' cruise. 

4. How does this make money for advertisers:

A. Cruise Lines in particular want and need this group of people. On average, they are more experienced and saavy cruisers; they are more affluent; they have the time to take cruises longer than seven days in duration.

4. Advertising potential: 

A. Click throughs directly to their site.

B. Sponsorships of individual segments.

C: I don't believe the consumer using the site will gain anything by paying to use it.



{{Second week parts}}
5. List the channels (email, facebook, text message, etc.) that you will send your users’ invites through and how you will get that contact data
6. Create what those invites will look like