Cruisette - Mini Rumbler

I had a large overview of my life last year and really thought about my overall fitness.  It was crap.  I was out of shape, unable to run and gaining weight that I didn't need!  Slowly but surely I had made better nutritional choices and looked into a local gym.  I began at the community college gym thinking I'd get what I needed.  My first day, creeper happened.  I said screw that and found myself Fitness America.  Told the man my goals and he said: "I know the guy for you!  Be here Wednesday night at 6. He'll be here." 

That forever changed my outlook on fitness and lifting itself.  It was a crazy idea.  This tiny 4'10" female wanting to lift -heavy- weights?!  Madness!  I did this for a few months before I moved to St Louis, Missouri.  (I believe that's the only thing I miss from home, my trainer and friend.) 

Onward to St Louis and attempting to continue into lifting.  I had joined this large expensive gym that offered a free trial with a trainer.  I said sure and signed up specifically for an experienced lifter!  Flat out was told: "You should try to look into something else.  You're not built for lifting." 

I will never again have someone tell me that I can NOT DO SOMETHING!  Now, I'm on my own and following the path that I want to take.  Not what someone else wants.

2013 Goals:
~ Feel physically comfortable in my body
~ Pushup Handstand
~ Onehand Handstand
~ Do at least ONE Competitive Lifting Meet
~ Find a lifting friend!

***The girl in the photo is Samantha Wright.  She inspires me completely.  I had lost all motivation this week, looking down on life from issues at work... Seeing her helped me so much.  I feel pretty lonely here in STL and still looking for a lifting buddy.  Someone to help coach and keep me motivated/on track.***


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