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Cruelty-Free Beauty Pitches

General topic: cruelty-free beauty/beauty products that are not tested on animals.

In terms of the why me and why now questions, I'm not sure how much to include in the pitch. The "why me" is that I am a beauty product lover who recently decided to go cruelty-free, so I'm in the process of trying a bunch of new stuff and swapping out all my old products for stuff that isn't tested on animals. I've been a staff editor at a few websites, most recently at, which deepened my interest in green topics. And the "why now" is that it seems to be a growing trend. The UK has banned animal testing on cosmetics and similar laws are being proposed in the US.

Pitch #1: 6 Cruelty-Free Beauty Swaps for Face Products

Nobody wants adorable bunnies to be harmed for the sake of mascara, but unfortunately animal testing is still going strong in the US. A few months ago, I decided to learn more about it and find out which brands were still testing and which ones weren't. Since then, I've been on the hunt for great cruelty-free products to replace my old, animal-tested faves. Here are my new picks for my facial skincare routine (I'll include what I used to use and my new CF choices for cleanser, SPF, exfoliator, eye makeup remover, cleansing wipes, and BB cream. I'd like to do a Pinterest-friendly graphic showing the old items and the new picks.)

Cruelty-Free Shop Profiles

There are two shops (in the vicinity of the SF Bay Area) that I'd love to visit and do profiles on, but I'm not sure who might be interested in that.

Pitch #2: One is a fancy perfume shop where you can create your own perfume (or buy pre-mixed scents). It doesn't have to be framed as a cruelty-free place, but they do use only plant-based ingredients. They do have a press page and have been mentioned or featured in a lot of big-name magazines, so maybe it's been covered too much already.

Pitch #3: The other is a beauty store that only carries cruelty-free products. This one does not have a press page and I didn't find much with a quick Google search, so it would probably be better in terms of originality.


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