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Crowned Hunter

1 - concept

So normally I'd be all over drawing up dragons and all that, but I wanted to try doing something a bit different

so I started experimenting as you can see below, keeping some of the tips in the concept video in mind

I've been playing a lot of monster hunter, which may have influenced some designs quite a bit.

After a while I decided to go with a monstorous predator with various means to make it to it's prey

more after the image

First the head started out to be based off of Zilla, but eventually got swallowed up by tusks, jaw and head spikes, and a sort of ceratops-like frill. I'll admit that the top head spikes had some influence to the dragon bird used in the example because I liked the sort of crown look to it.

I thought of giving him claws like that of a prehistoric sloth/ant eater to help dig its way through to its prey or into said prey

I figured since this was supposed to be a huge super dino it may need some method of cooling, hence the stegosaur like plates(though they look more like shark fins)

the club tail has been stuck in my head since the duramboros recently stuck it there (hated that thing), but it started to look like a rathalos tail

I feel like it could fill out a bit more from the waist down (better word choice may be needed) other than borrowing tyrantrum aspects, and maybe borrowing more from real life than fiction. well that's why this is the first step i guess.


tried simplifying things a bit (tried) while following a couple tips to make it look a little less busy and messy

Been busy, but I'll do what I can to complete this

2 - references

Contemplated the tail a bit more and thought a crocodile-esque tail would compliment the sail well.

I've realized that when your design is borrowing from extinct creatures, the best you can get is the bones and reptilian descendants.

When I was lookig for references for the tusked jaw, I saw a hippo skull that looked like it could work with my concept after a couple tweaks.

I also borrowed one of R.J.'s lizards because I liked the leafy sail it had. though I may have gone a little too detailed with the stuff I wasn't originally trying to get a feel for i.e. eye, toes, and tree thing.

Anyway here are my studies with labels

Original images via R.J. and google images


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