Crowded Yoga Class

Crowded Yoga Class - student project

This class was very helpful. I think I should have chose better elements to work with because these were very hard to get right in this lesson. I did manage it but it took some work. Overall I'm pleased with it. 

Crowded Yoga Class - image 1 - student project

Below is the 12x12. It lines up and would repeat but it's not as dynamic as it could be. 

Crowded Yoga Class - image 2 - student project

I feel like this one is a bit more dynamic but it isn't a perfect repeat at 12x12

Crowded Yoga Class - image 3 - student project


This is the swatch.

Crowded Yoga Class - image 4 - student project

Seeing all the math in one placed and explained exquisitely really helped. Thanks so much Helen.

You help me so much Helen. I have learned great tips for speeding up my work flow. I would like to repay you by giving you a tip perhaps you know it and choose not to use it but maybe you don't know it.

The tip has to do with duplicating. When you want to duplicate an element you always grab the item and drop it in the create a new layer icon at the bottom of the layers panel.

Here is my little pro tip contribution: You can just left click the element +ALT and drag up or down and you will see a + appear and when you let go you will have a duplicate. It works with elements on a layer and layers themselves, duplicating all items in that layer. The only time this will not work is if you try to drag down the last element in the bottom most layer. There is no place to drag that last element to so Illustrator will not let you do it.  As with everything in Illustrator it's not a big deal but it can save a bit of time. You can now just grab what ever element you want and place it in whatever layer you would like or duplicate a layer.