Crow Skull Sticker

Crow Skull Sticker - student project

Step 1: Your Reference Images & Inspiration

I really love cute stickers! Even like little rainclouds with faces on them warm my heart. 

Crow Skull Sticker - image 1 - student project

My pintrest board

Step 2: Your Favourite Sticker

Crow Skull Sticker - image 2 - student project

Step 3: Your Rough Sketch

Crow Skull Sticker - image 3 - student project

Step 4: Your Final Sticker Design

I did run into a problem with image trace picking up extra stuff so I used the artboard to make a rectangle sticker. I wanted to keep the sketchy look and was happy that it stayed. I will be trying different techniques next time to fix the image trace problem. 

Crow Skull Sticker - image 4 - student project